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Biogas is a mature technology.  The production of Bio-methane from the Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Material has been observed since ancient times, and has been utilised as a source of fuel since the late 1800’s.  Since the mid-1900’s the process has received increasing interest and more recently extensive research, and has now developed into a recognised source of Renewable Energy that is of growing importance.  Typical  biogas plant sizes start as small as 20kWe through to multiple MWe range.

Not only does Biogas produce energy, it diverts organic waste from landfill.

The utilisation of bio-methane from the anaerobic digestion process ranges from small home digesters producing gas used for cooking and heating purposes, to utility-scale power plants feeding electricity or natural gas into national grids.

As opposed to sun and wind based renewable energy sources, Biogas is available 24/7.



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